Company Name: NdimensionzPvt Ltd

Employment Length: 2012 March – Present

Role: L3 Tech Support

  • Initial server configuration and set ups
  • Server hardening process
  • Install and configure third party software and customization
  • Monitoring server setup and configurations (Nagios/Icinga)
  • Secure data migration
  • Scripting with Bash and Python
  • Fixing server side problems and software misconfiguration
  • Virtual server configurations and setups
  • Set ups tools/scripts according to client requirements
  • Server health monitoring and troubleshooting
  • PCI L1 server configuration and implementation
  • Vendor management
  • Machine learning basics
  • Aws EC2 management
  • S3 bucket creation and data handling
  • IAM policy management
  • AWS loadbalancer configutaion
  • ECS configuration and management
  • Aws services location migration
  • Configuring AWS dynamodb, sql etc.
  • Automation setups using Ansible
  • Docker setup and configuration
  • RasperyPi programming for real time applications
  • Server hardening configurations
  • ELK stack configuration and troubleshooting
  • CI/CD configuration and setups
  • Bitbucket, Jenkins, Ansible and Nexus integration

Company Name: Network Academy

Employment Length: 2011 November – 2012 March

Role: Linux Specialist 

  • Internal server configurations and maintenance
  • Security monitoring and application updates
  • Server monitoring
  • Backup management
  • Bash scripts configuration and updates
  • VPN configuration and updates
  • Office network troubleshooting and configuration

Company Name: Armia Systems

Employment Length: 2011 September – 2011 October

Role: Linux Trainee

  • Server monitoring
  • LAMP set up and customization
  • DNS, Mail server management